Top 5 ways to investment if you are in Pakistan

1: Keep money at your saving or Islamic account with that you earn minimum interest or profit set by the bank you are saving .( This is one of the safest route)

2: Invest in land : Ever-since Pakistan became independent from Great Britain the property prices in Pakistan went higher and higher like a women’s shopping bill , land that was worth rupee 100 is now at 1 crore pkr with property development moving into the hand societies then the Government based builder then you are really talking money on your investment unless you are investing in some desert or deep countryside.Even that has more chance growth then government scheme avoid them invest in property & get rich.

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3:Buy new car slots : (On) Is a word known to few people who are into car business but this has been source of income of many people since years.If you are in Pakistan then this is also very very safe business,due to demand of some cars and particularly   lack of automakers in Pakistan .All you have to do is visit your nearest dealer and get a slot for in-demand car E.g Toyota corolla or any Suzuki apart from kizashi and vitara,they ain’t famous like their younger and cheaper sibling .Buying a slot for new car in August and getting it deliver on 4 or 5 months later means you have to pay a small amount and you can sell your slot for Extra profit which is called ON  to someone like me who is eager and early in order to get his/her car,you can make up-to 2 lacs on your car at times .But there are some risks related to this e.g you have to spec your car in white or black like common color  if you up spec it no one will be interested in and availability in market effects On of the car as well  .Don’t except to earn much by ordering  a bolan .

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4:Invest in stocks : Some people say don’t spend on stocks you will lose it etc etc etc but the actual truth is totally different if  you invest in Pakistani companies stock the chances are you will end up making money on company growth and also get profit whenever companies pay dividend.(Be-careful and read full financial report and analysis of a firm before investing )




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5: Buy/sell Forex : Many people in Pakistan confuse stocks with Forex in Pakistan these are totally different stocks are equity where as Forex is cash of other countries and is fully liquid(cash form) .In Pakistan Forex is rather easy because due to poor economical and lack of government stability buying anything against PKR  will guarantee return because Dollar euros re always on rise in Pakistan.Even if they are down short-term they will grow long term so you are not losing any paisa your spend  .

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