Money! How to make it

Every person in this entire universe is looking to make money every time unless ,you are Bill gates or Carlos slim. Every teenager ,adult is eagerly looking to make some cash but sometimes we are looking for idea that can make money .Today I will tell you how to make some cash by applying finance rule no 1.

                               “Invest low earn high”

Typical Old fashioned ways :

Get a part-time job : In Pakistan part-time jobs are available mostly in form of helpers, Shop assistant, Sales staff call centers etc . These Part time jobs are giving salary ranged from 15 to 25 depending on nature of job.

Call center : Perhaps the most famous part time job seems to everyone’s cup of tea .Call center job is highly paid some time due to commission involved in the pakages .

Become a driver for Careem or Uber : Ever-since  ride hailing services entered into Pakistan .The demand for drivers is surging daily ,if you have a car then you can earn upto thousands working as part-time or full time driver .Even if you don’t have car you still can earn upto 25k by driving for someone else .You need proper driving licensee for that .


 New digital ways E-tech :

Freelance writing: There are many forums where clients and writers can interact and offer each other tasks , Facebook page ,fiver. Freelance.com .If you have writing skills then you can earn upto 1 rupee per word easily from your mobile or laptop .

Blogging :8 years ago today, i got an interaction with a world famous Youtuber now being considered as one of the richest in business. I started writing on his blog in 2010 at that time internet was not really modern at that time .Insights of the blog were clearly showing per day income was enough to keep on doing that full time .He was just started at that time,now his name worth in million pounds. Blogging takes time but if you have write tools then you’re talking millions in earning via google ad-sense, ad fly and private endorsement and clothing and memoribilia sales . P.s Fame is crazy .

download (17).jpg

 Become famous celebrity(viral) :Right yeah that’s everyone’s dream to be famous and seen as star of moment .That was quite impossible decade ago becoming famous was really tough .But ever since the introduction of 3rd generation of internet new genre of celebrities is formed ,Internet celebrities are usually Vbloggers or some who are viral due to some reason .IF you have something special or crazy in you that can public then we are talking best option yet ,sell yourself like Zaid ali or  Bholla record .Then you can earn Millions and fame .It might come at cost like Bholla record sold off his entire assets(he probably didn’t ) .All you need is clever mind and creative idea to break the internet(Not like kim karadasian) or just hire a twitter handler like Meera jee.

If you don’t have any skill to choose from one of the above then probably the best option is to chose your hobby as profession .This is the best option making your hobby a profession is best option,Unless you have are addicted to sleep me sadly .Now stop wasting your time and do something productive think of an idea and develop it and earn it .There are thousand legal ways to earn money you just need focus and motivation for it.Remember.

Spending money is much more difficult than making money.

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